A Peck O’ Trouble

Fat, lazy Dodsworth the cat is a confirmed hedonist who refuses to resort to manual labor to catch his breakfast. Dodsworth sees a woodpecker in a very tall tree. He calls it his “breakfast,” and climbs the post after it… but the woodpecker fends him off. Just after his attempt, a young kitten appears. Dodsworth shakes a bell announcing school time. He is set to teach the kitten how to catch his own meals. Dodsworth recruits the kitten with the promise that he’ll teach it the art of birdcatching, while really getting ready merely to confiscate the catch and eat it. The kitten tries and tries, but the wily woodpecker manages to outsmart both of them time and time again with a series of funny gags. Dodsworth suspects that the kitten has eaten his breakfast, so he pulls down the rope the kitten is tied to. Instead of the kitten, a bowling ball with a note arrives. The note says: