A Pest in the House

After a prologue about the labor shortage being so acute that some employers would hire anybody or anything, a very tired businessman needs some sleep and checks into a hotel run by Elmer Fudd. The businessman wants peace and quiet and says to Elmer, “If I’m disturbed at any time, I’m gonna bust you right in the nose!” Elmer assures the businessman that he will get plenty of peace and quiet. But loud-mouthed bellboy Daffy makes that goal impossible. Daffy shows the businessman to his room screaming at the top of his lungs about how much peace and quiet they have there. Daffy pretty much takes over the room, but the businessman is too tired to hit him even when he finds Daffy trying on his hat. The man goes to bed, but he soon awakens to the sound of Daffy nailing a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. Every time that Daffy disturbs him, the businessman goes down and punches Elmer. Daffy decides that the room is stuffy, and he opens the window, letting in traffic sounds. Daffy goes to quiet down a drunk in the next room, and he sings even louder than the drunk. He washes the windows, singing, tells jokes, bangs on the steam pipes, etc. Fudd takes it on the nose. Finally, Elmer promotes Daffy to manager to try to avoid getting hit. It doesn’t work. Daffy says, “Noisy little character, isn’t he?”