Pink Pictures

The Pink Panther is a nature photographer who is attempting to take pictures of a woodpecker, a frog and a butterfly. All three are elusive. He climbs out on a limb, and the woodpecker saws the limb off. He tries his luck on a butterfly. The butterfly flies into a big hole in a tree. The hole is home of a wild boar who sees the Pink Panther as his next meal. It’s always safe to make pictures of a frog… except when the frog jumps to its pond and is defended by a big alligator. Then, two bees become a swarm of bees who chase him underwater. The Pink Panther goes over a waterfall. He uses a straw to breathe underwater until the bees drive a cork into it. He decides to photograph a flower instead, but a skunk wants to be in the picture. The Pink Panther takes the flower and the camera and runs off into the sunset.