Pink Plasma

The Pink Panther is on vacation hiking through the forest. While lost in a storm, he needs a place to rest for the night. The Pink Panther stumbles upon Transylvania Lodge. Inside, he finds comedic encounters with a Dracula-type vampire, an invisible ogre and a man-eating shark. When he lies down on the bed, all the sheets turn to ghosts. A spider squeaks and tries to scare him. He oils the spider. The Invisible Man comes by wearing squeaking shoes. The Pink Panther oils them, too. He finds a coffin and buries it. The Wolfman kicks him into the moat with sharks. A vampire bat comes to life as a real vampire and attacks the Pink Panther, but he finds that he’s no match for the pink cat. The vampire falls into the moat, and Mr. Jaws chases him.

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