Rabbit Punch

At the world championship boxing fight, spectator Bugs Bunny criticizes the champ’s picking on a puny boxer: “The champ’s a dirty fake. P.U.! Boo! Throw him out! Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size?” “Like you?” asks the champ, throwing the bigmouth rabbit into the ring. Bugs does his best against the champ: he fakes fainting. When the champ looks closer, Bugs punches him, then rests in his corner (furnished with a lamp and a radio) and sits in a soft easy chair, feet up, reading a book. The champ constructs a brick wall on his glove and socks Bugs with it. Bugs takes the announcer’s microphone and uses psychology to beat the champ (“The champ is confused; Bugs lands a beauty to the solar plexus; the champ is groggy; the champ is down!”). Bugs tries to lift the champ, but his weight flattens the rabbit. Bugs tries to break the champ’s leg and, disguised as a doctor, wraps him in bandages and punches him. In Round 37, Bugs asks the champ to hold a giant slingshot, and beans him with a boulder. In Round 98, the champ fires from a cannon, Bugs shoots from an archer’s bow, and they both bash heads. In Round 110, the champ ties Bugs to railroad tracks and engineers a train. The film breaks. Bugs walks out onto the empty screen to talk to the audience. He apologizes for the interruption, but admits, “Confidentially, that film didn’t exactly break!”