Ready, Set, Zoom!

The glue that Wile E. Coyote covers the road with prevents him from running from an oncoming truck, and then affixes a lit dynamite stick to him. The coyote detours the Road Runner through a log hanging over a cliff, which falls when he enters it. A 10,000-pound weight jams when the Road Runner passes under it, then falls when Wile E. Coyote does (squishing him into a poker chip). The bird takes a detour of his own, leaving the coyote’s lasso with TNT sticks to go off in his furry face. A giant rubber band sends Wile E. into a truck when the Road Runner distracts him. A combination ACME outboard motor, jim-dandy wagon, washtub and pair of roller skates propels him into the middle of a chasm, where the bridge is out. Riding on a rocket carries the coyote straight through the highway and out an old mine, which blows up. Finally, Wile E. dons a female road runner costume, attracting not the desired bird, but dozens of other hungry coyotes. The Road Runner’s sign then informs us that it’s “The End.”