Really Scent

In old New Orleans, it’s a momentous day in the lives of Pierre and Fifi Cat: their daughters Pierrette and Fabrette are born. But by a “calamity of birth,” one little kitten, Fabrette, comes into the world with a white stripe down her back. It only matters to Fabrette the following spring. Her sister Pierrette easily attracts an eager boyfriend, but the local tomcats are frightened by her skunk-like stripe. As fate would have it, Fabrette’s ship comes in- from France, and containing Pepé Le Pew. The two spot each other; instantly, there are stars in their eyes. Their passionate embrace is disturbed only by her sad discovery that one whiff of her lover is enough to make her pass out. She tries to combat Pepé’s pungency by holding her breath (turning all sorts of colors). Pepé mistakes her red face for blushing and sprays himself with perfume. Deciding to look up “what thees pew means” every time he appears, Pepé finds out how offensive his stench is. He declares, “For her, I will make myself dainty,” and heads into Henri’s Deodorizing Service just as Fabrette, about to commit suicide, realizes, “If you can’t lick them…,” and dashes into Pierre’s Limburger Cheese Co. The last scene has the foul-smelling female chasing after the now-sanitary Pepé.