Rough And Tumbleweed

The year is 1849. Gold is discovered in California. After the gold come miners. After the miners comes infamous outlaw Pretty Boy McCoy, who holds up a Fells Bargo bank in a mining town. After Pretty Boy McCoy comes Fells Bargo’s best detective: special agent Inspector Willoughby, assigned by the bank to capture the bandit and bring him to justice. He takes the Fells Bargo stage to the town of Donut Center, where the robbery occurred. He enters the Red Dog Saloon, sees the bandit playing cards, presents his credentials to McCoy, and tells him that he’s taking him in and to come along quickly. McCoy picks Willoughby up, winds him up, and sends him on his clicking way. Willoughby returns immediately, hooks his cane in the back of the bandit’s chair, and starts dragging him toward the door. McCoy bops him to the floor, but he ends up being handcuffed. The bandit chews the handcuffs from off his hands, and he goes back to playing cards. Again and again, McCoy is handcuffed, but he chews the handcuffs off each time until he has two teeth remaining. Finally, Willoughby’s thrown into the safe by the bandit, who then throws some dynamite sticks in the open safe door and slams it shut. Willoughby hands him a match to light the fuse. Suddenly, McCoy finds himself chained to the safe, with a sputtering fuse leading to dynamite inside. His frantic efforts to rid himself of the safe are of no avail, and so he gives up. Willoughby brings in his man on the stagecoach, the prisoner still chained to the safe. What happened to the dynamite? It finally went off with a loud boom, to everybody’s discomfiture.