Who Scent You?

Penelope notices a luxurious cruise liner and wishes to go aboard, but the ticket collector will not permit her and tosses her away when she kisses his nose. As the cruiser begins to sail away, Penelope squeezes under a painted white fence, getting a white stripe across her spine. Penelope makes a running jump, catches one of the overhanging ropes and climbs aboard the ship. Meanwhile on the coast, Pepe le Pew is taking a walk, singing and notices the cruiser. When he takes a closer look through binoculars he spots Penelope. Thinking she is a female skunk, the lovestruck Pepe runs across the seabed.As Penelope emerges on the cruiser, the entire crew and passengers evacuate the ship, spelling “LE PEW!” in the water. Pepe then emerges on the cruiser dripping wet and finds Penelope. First he asks her for a date, but then immediately leaps on her and smooches her. Penelope wriggles free and runs off. Pepe heads to Beauty Salon and dries himself with a hair dryer puffing his fur up, but then he brushes himself. Pepe then rushes to Penelope and smooches her again and she wriggles and rushes off. Pepe chases Penelope wherever she goes until Penelope escapes on the lifeboat. But as Penelope watches the cruiser drift away, Pepe emerges and Penelope has nowhere left to run.