Springtime For Pluto

The cartoon begins with a spirit playing a flute, awakening the spring. Pluto then wakes up and starts to get spring fever. Pluto imitates the other spring animals by doing their moves. While Pluto was following a baby bird, they spot a caterpillar coming up from a hole. Scared to see the bird, the caterpillar retreats into the hole, but the bird grabs on to the rear end and attempts to pull the caterpillar out of the hole with Pluto. The bird gets stuck in the hole, but the caterpillar kicks it out. The caterpillar digs out of another hole and climbs up on Pluto’s tail, transforming into a cocoon. Then, all of a sudden, the caterpillar became a beautiful female butterfly woman. The butterfly flutters around Pluto and she lands on his nose. Then the butterfly does a dance on a flower with a dew drop, and Pluto mimics her and dances away. Unaware that Pluto was dancing with a beehive, a swarm of angry bees attacked Pluto. Pluto then hid in a bush, which mistakenly is poison ivy, causing Pluto to itch like crazy. Then, a thunderstorm rained on Pluto, making him feel sad and retreats to his dog house. The spirit from the beginning walks off with an umbrella, only to be chased by an angry Pluto.