Strangled Eggs

It’s cold outside, so (as in “Little Boy Boo”) Foghorn Leghorn tries to get warm. He then also contemplates romance and warmth, but not in that order, and he marries Miss Prissy, the lovelorn spinster hen. However, he also winds up finding his old acquaintance-Henery Hawk, who smells chicken. Henery winds up on Miss Prissy’s doorstep, too- as an abandoned child. (An accompanying note reads: “Dear Lady- Please take care of my little one. Signed, Big One.”) Thus, Foghorn L. has to find ways to save himself and Prissy (who’s not that well-pleased by Foggy’s antics now) from the chicken hawk, but Miss Prissy wants to adopt it as a son! Foghorn tries in vain to convince Miss Prissy that Henery Hawk is a chicken hawk. The feathers fly.