Super Pink

The Pink Panther, reading a super-hero comic, fancies himself becoming a cape-and-tights-garbed crusader and takes the essential garments from a clothesline to become Super-Pink! Super-Pink’s well-intentioned efforts to help an elderly lady only result in calamity. While trying to rescue the lady’s cat from a tree, Super-Pink chainsaws through the tree trunk, and the falling tree demolishes the lady’s house. His attempt to save her from tripping over a lump in the carpet outside of a supermarket by pulling the lump out of the carpet causes the entire carpet to shift position, and the lady falls, dropping all of her groceries. When Super-Pink comes to aid the lady on a steep road by replacing her flat front tire, he jack-lifts the car’s front and releases it to careen down a hill and into the path of a train. The battered and bruised lady goes to a phone booth and turns into a super-woman to attack the troublesome panther with an uprooted traffic light.