We flash back to the origin of Super Rabbit, where a scientist named Professor Canafrazz fortifies some carrots, which Bugs eats, and now he can “leap tall buildings, et cetera, etc etera… Noting the newspaper story of Cottontail Smith, the notorious Texas Rabbit, Bugs ducks into a phone booth to change, and comes out in a Little Bo Peep outfit. Then he changes to a blue super outfit and takes off for Deepinahata, Texas. There he assumes the disguise of a “mild-mannered forest creature” with glasses. He hops alongside of Smith. Eventually, they’re both hopping, and Smith trades places with Bugs. Smith tries to shoot Bugs, but he ends up with a rabbit shaped pile of bullets. He tries a cannonball, and Bugs uses it as a basketball, turning Smith and his horse into Bugs’ cheering section! (Bricka Bracka Firecracka Sis-Boom-Bah!) Smith and the horse chase Bugs in a plane till Bugs needs a recharge and drops the super carrots, finding that Smith and the horse have eaten them. Uh-oh. Bugs’ adventures as Super-Rabbit end abruptly when he becomes a real Superman- a U.S. Marine.