The Billionaire Beagle Boys Club

After Gizmoduck was forced by the Beagles to steal the money bin, they have the time of their lives. Scrooge is now poor and has to sell his mansion. Scrooge starts suspecting things when Ma Beagle turns out to be the one who buys his mansion, wondering how else she would have gotten that kind of money. Ma Beagle throws a party for “Duckburg’s finest”, and the guests tell her that she and her boys are not as good as them, she threats them, so they all have to obey her. Scrooge tries to get Ma Beagle arrested, but he ends up being arrested instead after she threatens the police officer Scrooge had brought. The nephews steal the Gizmo remote control so they can make Fenton/Gizmoduck get Scrooge and Mrs. Beakly out of jail. The Beagles hurry to the money bin and drive away with it, destroying half the city in the process (a bin is not supposed to be driven on the streets). Our friends follow it, and Gizmoduck gets the four Beagle boys down, but Ma Beagle is more persistent, and strong too, because not even Gizmoduck is able to get the control away from her. Eventually, both Gizmoduck and Ma Beagle have to get off when the bin falls into the sea and sinks. Scrooge is terrified of his loss… and even more upset after a sailor tells them that when it comes to sunken treasures, it is finder’s keepers.