The CooCoo Nut Grove

A night at the Cocanut Grove night club. Many Hollywood celebrities are caricatured. Ben Birdie (Ben Bernie) leads the house band. In real life he had an ongoing feud with Walter Winchel. This feud is addressed in the cartoon with Winchel being called Walter Windpipe. The great torch singer Helen Morgan is caricatured singing the Dubin and Warren song The Little Things You Use To Do. Her singing such a sad song as to drive the crowd into uncontrolled crying is the main joke in the story. Other stars caricatured are Edna Mae Oliver, George Raft, Katharine Hepburn (Miss Heartburn), W.C. Fields, Johnny Weissmuller, The Dionne Quintuplets, Hugh Herbert, Ned Sparks, Mae West, Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Clark Gable, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Edward G. Robinson, Wallace Beery, Edna May Oliver, George Arliss and Gary Cooper.