The Hollywood Matador

A day of the big bullfight has arrived. The stands are packed. The spectators are in a frenzy of excitement. A trumpeter signals the entrance of the contestants. Woody Woodpecker, the matador (“Woody the Terribull”), enters the arena through a maze of doors and acknowledges the crowd’s plaudits by waving his sword and bowing to the delirious mob. The vicious bull is being held by the tail through a knothole in the fence. He’s fighting and straining to get into the arena. The starter’s gun is fired, and the bull leaps into the arena, dragging the fat attendant through the knothole and into the battle area. The bull’s first rush whirls Woody around so fast that he finds himself closely wrapped up in his cape, unable to move. From here on, the bullfight resolves itself into a battle between Woody, the bull and the cape. Woody escapes, hiding under the cape, the latter playing a most important role in the fight’s outcome. Woody finally wins the fight by charging the bull on all fours. They meet head-on in a terrific crash, raising a cloud of dust. When the dust clears, Woody’s busy in a hamburger stand serving bullburgers to the crowd.