The Loose Nut

Woody Woodpecker is playing golf and drives his ball into a sand trap. Woody takes a wild swing at the ball in an effort to land it on the green, but the ball lands instead at the feet of a workman, who’s laying wet cement on a sidewalk. Searching finally finds the ball lodged in the cement, and Woody attempts to drive it out. In so doing, he completely covers the workman with the wet mortar. Enraged, the workman fashions a bowling ball out of the cement and rolls it toward Woody, scoring a “strike.” Woody switches from bowling to croquet and, picking up a huge mallet, drives the ball back to the workman. It hits the workman and knocks him into the sidewalk. The cement quickly congeals around the workman, creating a big bulge in the walk. Woody tries to smooth the cement by skating over it, but when he comes to the big swelling, underneath of which is the workman, it won’t flatten. Try as he might, Woody cannot level this section of the walk. As a last resort, Woody gets a steamroller and runs over the workman. But the bulge remains. Woody backs up, and he starts toward the workman again with greater speed. The roller gives the workman a big push, and it knocks him out of the cement. He dashes into a house, but the roller crashes through the door and runs into him, transforming him into a rug. Woody resumes his golf, but it’s interrupted by the workman, who substitutes a ball of TNT for Woody’s golf ball. The resulting explosion sets off another chase over the freshly cemented walk, which, by now, if it was not before, is in a complete state of ruination.