The Painter And The Pointer

Andy Panda tries to paint a picture of his dog Butch, who’s a pointer at attention. But Butch isn’t at attention for long. He’s annoyed first by a flea bite, and then by a pesky fly who lands on his nose. He slaps the fly down with his ear, but this makes the fly sore. The fly winds up and kicks the dog through Andy’s canvas. Very upset, Andy goes back to the house and comes out with a shotgun. To keep the dog still, Andy rigs Butch with the gun, so if he moves a muscle, the string attached to the trigger of the shotgun will blow his head to smithereens, and “BOOM! No more doggie!” Meanwhile, Andy goes back into the house to get a new canvas. While this happens, two dopey spiders see Butch as a seven-course meal and try to tie him up, while the poor dog goes through every contortion imaginable to try to prevent the shotgun from going off. A spider gets Butch almost up in the tree when the gun goes off, blowing the limb off the tree and sending Butch yelping over the hill.