The Reckless Driver

Driving along a mountain road, Woody Woodpecker sees a sign which asks: “Have you renewed your driver’s license?” Woody comes to a quick stop, looks at his driver’s license, and discovers that it will expire in three minutes. Woody steps on the gas and soon arrives at the license bureau, where the cop in charge (Officer Wally Walrus) is fast asleep. Woody finally succeeds in awakening him, and the test begins. First comes the eye examination. Woody can’t read the chart, so the cop pours alphabet soup into a bowl and asks Woody to read that. Woody takes a mouthful of soup and blows it on the cop’s coat front. The reflex test turns out no better for either Woody or the cop. Every time that the cop taps Woody’s knee, Woody reacts by pecking the cop on the head. When the cop takes Woody’s fingerprints, Woody gives him a fake hand. Then they get into a car for the driving test. Woody accidentally puts the car into reverse, and they crash through the wall, knocking down the fire extinguisher, which lands in Woody’s car. The car takes off like a jet airplane, and it flies madly in and around the building. When Woody flies outside, the cop slams the door shut and leans against it in an effort to keep Woody out, but the car comes crashing through anyway, picks up both the cop and the door, and commences a wild climb into the sky. The cop falls out of the plans and lands with a wild thud on the office floor. As the dust clears, Woody comes in and says to the cop: “Say, I’ve changed my mind. I want a pilot’s license.”