The Sleeping Princess

A baby is born to the Queen and King of a mythical kingdom, and the whole countrieside is invited to a christening reception, including the Four Good Fairies who watch over the kingdom. The Fairies are Beauty, Wealth, Knowledge and Destiny, but Destiny’s invitation is lost in transit (accidentally left under the welcome of the fairy’s home), and she thinks that she has been ignored. The three other Fairies give their blessing to the baby Princess. But angered at being left out of the celebration, Destiny puts a curse on the baby, which will cause her to fall into a sleep from which there is no awakening. Just as the curse comes true, the lost invitation is found, and Destiny decides to undo the wicked curse. She finds a handsome prince who falls in love with the Princess at first sight and plants a kiss on on lips. The princess awakens and falls in love, and they live happily ever after.