The Talking Dog

After crimping and saving, Maggie finally has accumulated enough money to pay off the mortgage. She gives the money to Sam, and as he leaves the house with the money, tightly held in his right hand, she tells Sam to be careful. While heading to the bank to pay off the mortgage (“Remember, if you lose that money, we lose our home,” says Maggie), Sam meets a con man who suckers him into buying a supposedly talking dog. Angered at her husband for buying such an animal, Maggie tells Sam to try and get the talking dog a job or not bother coming home. After the sale, the dog is so disgusted that he talks to Sam. Sam manages to get a talent agent to hear the dog talk. The talent agent signs the dog to perform opera at the Met. But a cat enters the concert hall, and the dog chases the cat and wrecks the concert hall. The con man buys the dog back for a profit, and the dog refuses to talk. Sam and Maggie lose their home, and they are forced to sleep in a vacant lot.