The Tree Medic

A tree surgeon halts his car in front of a hollow tree in the forest and hangs up a sign saying, “Doctor Is In.” He commences to operate. The tree, however, is Woody Woodpecker’s home, and he’s rudely awakened by the noisy surgeon’s drill. Determined to protect his home, Woody jams a cake pan over the drill, which the surgeon tugs at furiously, to no avail. But when Woody removes the pan, the doctor stumbles backward onto a tree stump and into the jaws of an irate squirrel. The doctor proceeds to treat the tree with repeated intervention from Woody, who proceeds to have his revenge in classic cartoon style. Woody kicks the doctor into a bird’s nest after ruining a root-reflex test. Woody blows up his stethoscope tube with a bellows. Woody accuses the doctor of being a “peeping Tom” after the doctor’s tree-photograph proves to be one of glamour gal Marilyn Monroe (woo-woo!). When the doctor takes a pot shot at Woody, he hits a passing duck instead, and Woody drives up in a sheriff’s car to bonk him for hunting out of season. Woody also treats the tree surgeon to a falling anvil and egg in the face (twice!). After an unsuccessful attempt to lasso Woody, the doctor tries to saw the tree down, only to saw his own ladder in half, from which he crashes to the ground. Woody reverses his sign to read, “Doctor Is Out,” and he goes back to sleep.