Very Special Opening / In the Garden of Mindy / No Place Like Homeless / Katie Ka-Boo / Baghdad Cafe

(1.) The Warners announce that this will be a very special episode due to characters being mixed up. (2.) Brain tries to prepare a plan for world domination, all the while watching over Mindy’s mischief. This is followed by a segment known as Pinky and the Cat where Pinky is swallowed whole by his cage-mate, Rita. (3.) Runt and Pesto find a home with a kind old woman who doesn’t like pigeons. (4.) In Katie Ka-Boom’s first appearance, she discovers the hard way that her latest boyfriend is a giant chicken (Chicken Boo to be exact). (5.) The Warner Brothers (and their sister Slappy in place of Dot) pay a visit to a Saddam Hussein spoof, Sodarn Insane.