Wackiki Wabbit

Two hungry castaways (a fat man and a skinny one) are on a raft imagining each other as different types of food. They swim to an island and have the misfortune to take refuge on a place whose only food inhabitant is Bugs Bunny. Viewing Bugs as a convenient source of food (“We’re gonna have roast rabbit…”), the two earn themselves a thorough heckling. Bugs confuses them with his pseudo-Polynesian dance (delivering his famous line “What’s up, Doc?” in a native language). His wild dancing is irresistible, and soon, the two men are dancing and Bugs leaves. They read in a guidebook that natives will dive for coins, and they drop one in a stew pot. But Bugs steals the whole cooking pot (complete with fire), and takes a bath in it. Bugs lowers a chicken puppet (a headless chicken on strings) from his treetop home. Soon, the two men are going after that, and they discover Bugs. But a cruise ship comes by, and while Bugs is yelling “Bon Voyage!” at them, they get so confused that he gets on the rescue ship instead of they. Then they run off, imagining each other as a hot dog and a hamburger.