Wakko’s 2-Note Song / Panama Canal / Hello Nurse / The Ballad of Magellan / The Return of the Great Wakkorotti / The Big Wrap Party Tonight

(1.) Wakko proves to Schratchnsniff that his song made of two notes is actual music. (2.) Yakko sings a song on the Latin American waterway to the tune of Low Bridge. (3.) Wakko sings a song about his favorite girl, Hello Nurse, of course. (4.) The Warners sing a song about Ferdinand Magellan to the tune of “Git Along, Little Dogies”. (5.) Wakko, suffering from laryngitis, uses fart sounds from his hands to perform the Chinese Dance from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite. (6.) The Warners sing about their big third-season wrap party at the water tower.