Who’s Cookin Who?

Woody Woodpecker, reading the story of “The Grasshopper and the Ant,” is unimpressed. What saps the ants are storing food for winter! says lazy Woody. Work isn’t for Woody, so he flops into a hammock. Six months later, he wakes up under a blanket of snow, famished. With starvation staring him in the face, he hears a wolf (literally) at his door. Woody grabs a book, “How to Cook a Wolf.” Much to the wolf’s surprise, the starving woodpecker is out to eat the wolf. Woody disguises himself as Little Red Riding Hood to lure the wolf to grandmother’s house. Envisioning Woody as a delicious roast woodpecker, the wolf beats him there and climbs into bed. In a series of episodes, Woody and the wolf each try to eat the other, and it’s hysterical fun trying to figure out just “who’s cookin’ who.” Just as the wolf’s about to win, Woody awakens from what has been a bad dream; he starts to help the grasshopper and ants.