Woody Dines Out

Woody Woodpecker is looking for a meal, but his favorite eatery, The Coffee Pot, has shut down (a sign reads “Closed by Popular Demand”). Unable to find a restaurant that’s open, he finally mistakes a taxidermist’s shop for a restaurant (with a sign reading “We specialize in stuffing birds”). Going inside, he orders a meal, not realizing that he’s in a taxidermist’s shop. Evidently, Woody’s just what the taxidermist has been looking for, since he has a poster offering $100,000 for a king-size woodpecker, stuffed. He gives Woody a bowl of blackout borscht, but Woody comes to on the operating table, and he escapes in an elevator. The taxidermist, pursuing Woody, falls down the elevator shaft, and he watches the vision of his $100,000 take wings and fly away. Meanwhile, a poor wolf is after the reward and goes nuts trying to bag old Woody. He tries everything but, of course, loses in the end.