Yankee Doodle Daffy

Daffy, the world’s most persistent agent, demonstrates for Porky (the talent agent for “Smeller Productions”) what kind of spectacular entertainment he’ll witness if he gives an audition to Daffy’s client, a lollipop-licking little black duck called Sleepy Lagoof. Porky just wants to escape so he can go on vacation. Porky continues to try to escape, while Daffy pursues him around his office building, demonstrating the various parts of Sleepy’s act. Sleepy is just bored, and takes a huge lollipop (bigger than his head) out of what appears to be a banjo case, sticks it in his mouth, and turns it, deforming his head as it turns. Daffy continues the pursuit onto Porky’s airline flight. Daffy is the pilot, still demonstrating. Porky bails out, but Daffy even stands in for Porky’s parachute, singing “Angel in Disguise.” At last, Porky agrees to audition Sleepy, who starts to sing a solo and dissolves into a coughing fit.