Yukon Have It

Chilly Willy’s fishing through a hold in the ice, but he has no luck. Suddenly, in the distance, he sees a Northwest Mounted Police cabin and makes haste to get there. Peeking through a window, he sees a Mountie partaking of a most scrumptious meal. A recruiting poster states “We Need You,” and that all applicants must furnish a photo. Chilly obtains a photo, and he places it on top of a pile at a table. He doesn’t see that the poster on top of the pile is a “Wanted” pictorial placard of bandit Caribou Lou. The “Wanted” picture, therefore, is that of Chilly, with the caption “Caribou Lou” below it. The Mountie stares at the poster, looks Chilly over from every angle, finally decides that Chilly is the wanted man, and arrests him. Meanwhile, Lou’s in business for himself. Robbing banks and dreaming of fast cars and pretty women, he has no intention of giving up his dream. In spite of the Mountie’s many attempts to catch Chilly, Chilly always evades him. Finally, Chilly, through a clever ruse, captures Caribou Lou. Now it’s Chilly, proudly wearing a huge Mountie hat, who’s ravenously partaking of the scrumptious repast, as he disdainfully throws bones to the disgraced Mountie, who’s crunching them in the “Doghouse.”