Ace In The Hole

Woody Woodpecker is at an Army Air Corps military base, and is dreaming of taking one of the planes up in the air. His enthusiasm in this respect gets him into a lot of trouble with his sergeant. Finally, the sergeant, fed up with Woody’s actions in trying to imitate a pilot, throws Woody out of the barracks and into the pilots’ quarters. Woody reads a textbook (“How to Fly a Plane From the Ground Up”). In the quarters, he stumbles over a clothes tree and into a flying suit. Woody’s attempts to zipper the suit get him into more trouble as he knocks over a box of flares, one of which lands in the collar of the flying suit. Attempting to zipper the suit, Woody mistakenly pulls the pin from the flare, and he’s violently projected into the air. The suit swells up and bursts, and Woody floats down by parachute into the cockpit of the plane (the PU-2). The sergeant orders Woody out of the plane, but Woody blindly pulls on a lever, and the plane takes off so fast that it leaves all insignia and numbers behind. Finally, the sergeant lassos the plane, and the jolt yanks him out of his uniform. He climbs up to the cockpit, and as Woody opens it, a bomb falls into the sergeant’s underwear. The result is disastrous for the sergeant. As we iris out, the sergeant, sitting in a wheelchair with a shotgun on his knee, has Woody clipping every horse in the Army.