Arts And Flowers

Artful Art, a temperamental artist of no ability, is busily painting in his studio when he hears the mailman deposit his copy of Art News magazine in his mailbox. Woody Woodpecker, who lives high in his home in a tree located in Art’s yard, beats him to the mailbox, gets the magazine first, and sees a notice of a contest offering a prize for the best painting of a Desert Daffodilly. Artful Art comes out and grabs the magazine as Woody runs to get his painting materials. Artful Art also sees the notice of the contest. Looking up, Artful Art sees Woody with his painting kit, heading for a tree by which he slides to the ground. As Woody slides down, Artful Art grabs the tree and holds it over a cliff, and Woody slides into space with a crash. Artful Art hurriedly gets his painting materials, gets into his car, and steps on the starter. He hears a clicking noise, and he turns. A tire rolls down the hill and crashes into a tree, with Artful Art curled up inside the tire. Woody, in his car, waves goodbye and roars into the desert, with Artful Art following close behind. Both Woody and Artful Art discover one lonely desert flower, and a struggle ensues as to which of the two shall obtain the best vantage point in which to set up an easel. Each of them endeavors to outdo the other with ludicrous results. Woody’s finally awarded the prize for his painting- the prize being a bag of money painted on a canvas set in a frame. Woody takes the frame and slams it over the head of the presenting judge, paints a ridiculous mustache on the face of the judge emerging through the canvas, and stalks from the room to the echo of his famous laugh.