After a short history of television, the high towers of a TV station transmit waves. Woody turns on his TV set to watch his favorite quiz show, “Win the Whole Wide World.” He waits for a question, the answer to which is “The Whole Wide World.” But the program keeps being interrupted by endless annoying (yet amusing) commercials promoting such products as hair restorer (Hair Goop Hair Oil), breakfast food (Boast Mosties), small cars, cigarettes for the thinking man, toothpaste, Scat-Fat tablets, curlers, sleep-inducers and more. Finally, the question is broadcast: “Who is buried in Grant’s Tomb?” Woody rushes to the station with his answer, overcoming all obstacles to the announcer. Although it’s wrong, he earns a consolation prize: he’ll be sent south for the winter, all expenses paid. Woody ends up on the South Pole… only to watch more TV, freezing, inside an igloo. When the announcer says, “First a word from our sponsor,” Woody shoots his image and stops the show.