Banquet Busters

Andy Panda and Woody Woodpecker are two cold, hungry, unemployed musicians trying to keep alive in a heatless, foodless house. After fighting over a stale bean and losing it to a hungry mouse, they happen to read about Mrs. Gloria Van Glutton’s musicale and dinner. Eluding butler Wally Walrus, they slip unobserved into the orchestra, where the aroma of a roast pig is too much for Woody. While the hungry mouse swallows a piece of cheese whole, Andy snags a roast turkey with a rod and reel fastened to his violin bow. Wally watches Woody make a sandwich, gets too close, and becomes part of it. Fortunately, a sneeze starts a free-for-all, with Mrs. Van Glutton a leading contender. The guests throw food at each other while Andy, Woody and the mouse stuff themselves- that is, until Wally starts using a shotgun. This breaks up the party and is a great help in sending Woody hopping madly over the hill.