Bedtime Bedlam

Woody Woodpecker is operating a babysitting service. He receives a telephone call for a babysitting job, for which a fee of $50 is promised, and he loses no time in arriving at the place. Woody is shown the baby’s crib and, after the parents leave the house, rushes to the refrigerator, makes some sandwiches, opens a few bottles of Coke, and settles down to enjoy the evening TV show in solid comfort. Just as he’s completely relaxed and enjoying himself, he hears the baby cry. He opens his Baby-Sitters’ Manual and ascertains that when the baby cries, you give him a bottle. He prepares the bottle, takes it to the crib, and, to his consternation, discovers that he’s babysitting for a baby gorilla! About to rush out of the house, he suddenly remembers the $50 fee, so he decides to stick it out. Following directions in the Baby-Sitters’ Manual, he does everything in his power to get the baby gorilla asleep. The baby defies every rule, but Woody finally gets the baby asleep and, going back to enjoy the TV show, settles down to await the arrival of his parents and get his $50 fee. A news flash on the TV set shows the parents boarding a plane for Africa to hunt big game. Woody smashes the TV set in, goes in and wakes the “baby,” and, as he exits through the door, gives vent to his famous laugh.