Careless Caretaker

Smedley’s the caretaker of Greenleaf Park, a job that he likes very much because he cares for all the trees, and he just loves trees. He suddenly is distressed, however, to find Woody Woodpecker pecking away at Gertrude, the oldest tree in the park. Smedley chases hole-peckin’ Woody off with a shotgun, and he then talks soothingly to Gertrude. Woody thinks that Smedley’s nuts for talking to trees, so he decides to play a few jokes on the unsuspecting caretaker. He jumps inside a hole in Gertrude and then starts making noises to make Smedley think that Gertrude’s sick. Woody puts Smedley through his paces as Smedley tries any number of diagnostic examinations. Finally, Smedley takes the tree to the tree hospital. Smedley gets wise, though, when the tree starts asking for chicken and apple pie, and Woody ends up with pie on his face.