To Beep Or Not To Beep

When he finds a picture of a baked Road Runner while skimming a book of “Western Cookery,” Wile E. Coyote licks his chops. Determined to catch and eat the bird, the coyote tries to snare him in a noose. Instead, he falls backward off a cliff. He tries to leap forward, using a large, coiled spring attached to a boulder. The boulder becomes propelled, dragging Wile E. off a cliff. The coyote tries a wrecking ball, but it rolls backward toward the control cab. Then, he tries a catapult, whose purpose is to hurl a boulder at the Road Runner. It manages to crush Wile E., no matter where he stands. On his last try, the catapult stalls, and the coyote cautiously creeps out from his manhole to unjam it. He gets tossed through the air, riding the boulder as it goes through a mountaintop before being bounced back, flattening the coyote like a pancake. It seems that the catapult was built by the “Road Runner Manufacturing Co.”