Whoa, Be-Gone!

Wile E. Coyote rides a miniature rocket down a wire on his head via a helmet with a roller skate on it. He’s just about to grab the Road Runner with his knife and fork when he slams into the top of a tunnel. The rocket goes on through, but gets turned around, giving him more trouble. After two or three falls off a cliff, the coyote realizes that he keeps falling on the same spot, and decides that it might be a good idea to put a trampoline there. However, instead of bouncing, he smashes right through it. He then gets the idea of tripping the Road Runner with a giant rubber band. The band simply sends the two boulders crashing towards him. His next device, a barrel lined with TNT sticks and suspended over the highway, covers him, rather than the Road Runner. When Wile E. booby-traps the bridge, the Road Runner stops before crossing, and the displaced concrete lands directly on the coyote. Then it’s “One Acme Do-it-Yourself Tornado Kit: Seed Your Own Tornados.” The idea is to squirt the instant tornado pellets with water as the bird goes by. Instead, the water drips onto the whole can of pellets right next to Wile E. The coyote gets caught up in a mini-tornado which carries him straight into a nearby army minefield.