Bats In The Belfry

A nervous and high-strung colonel is visited by his doctor, who conducts a series of tests in an endeavor to ascertain the cause of his trouble. In the midst of the doctor’s examination, the loud clang of a Big Ben-like bell in a nearby clock tower causes the colonel to jitter intensely. The doctor says, “There is the cause of your trouble, you’re allergic to noise.” He instructs the butler, Jeeves, to see that the colonel has absolute quiet- no noise whatsoever. Later, when the colonel is blissfully snoozing, Woody Woodpecker starts pecking away at a nearby tree. The colonel awakes in a fit of jitters and orders Jeeves to get rid of Woody. Jeeves catches Woody, sticks a cork over his bill, and boots him out. Woody returns to the house to register a complaint, presses the bell button, and loud chimes clang inside the house, again sending the colonel off in a seizure of jitters. Woody’s again effectively ejected from the house. Later, the bell in the belfry again chimes on the hour, and the accompanying vibration just about drives the colonel crazy. He orders Jeeves not to let the bell ring again, threatening to fire him if it does. From here on, Jeeves really has a job on his hands to keep the bell from ringing, what with Woody setting the clock hands on the hour, and the automatic bell striker responding to the mechanical working of the clock. In the end, everyone concerned, including Woody, has those vibrating jitters.