Case Of The Cold Storage Yegg

Notorious criminal Yeggs Benedict, having just pulled a $50,000 bank robbery, hears a radio report in his hideout that Inspector Willoughby has been assigned the case. Well aware of the Inspector’s uncanny ability as a sleuth, Yeggs takes off for the Himalaya Mountains of Tibet. Yeggs no sooner reaches his cave hideout than he sees Willoughby approaching on yakback- the yak sniffing the trail a la bloodhound. Trapped on a dangerous, avalanche-threatened trail, Yeggs starts an avalanche, but it engulfs him instead. Disguised as the Abominable Snowman, he almost gets away, but Willoughby’s handy blowtorch “de-snows” him. In an area of dangerous crevasses, Willoughby starts a crack in the ice which follows the fleeing Yeggs. Cornered in a hollow tree at the edge of a cliff, Yeggs escapes on an improvised pair of skis when the crack splits the tree. As Yeggs builds up terrific speed down the mountain slopes, Willoughby calculates the exact time and place of his arrival back home, and then hops on a plane to be sure to welcome him. Yeggs, zooming through the air, causes the Eiffel Tower to duck, rides the cables of Brooklyn Bridge, straightens up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and turns the Sphinx’s head as he zips down one pyramid and up another. A snapping scrape with a Florida alligator, a ride on the shoulders of a girl water skier, a quick calculation by Willoughby at Squaw Valley, and a one-point landing by Yeggs into Willoughby’s open bag wraps up the case of the “Cold Storage Yegg.”