Corny Concerto

Doc, while watching Champ work out with the punching bag, accidentally drops a hammer on Champ’s toe, causing him to howl and hop about in a crazy beatnik dance, holding his foot. A beatnik coffee house owner is impressed and signs them up to entertain at his swinging club. Doc stages concerts for the talented but pain-ridden pooch. Doc, at the piano, rehearses Champ with great success, making several teenage cats swoon. Opening night at “The Hungry Me” pad is also a great success- their act creating enthuasiastic finger-snapping by the beatniks. The two become famous as Champ does a great beat presentation after Doc’s piano intro and after being hit on the foot! Soon, Champ’s name is up in lights, and he’s acclaimed the new nationally famous star dog. But Champ isn’t happy because his foot’s taking a heck of a beating. When Doc appears on opening night at Carnegie Hall with a huge mallet, Champ rebels and refuses to let Doc hit him on the foot. A wild chase around the stage finally ends when Champ makes it to the dressing room. He emerges, disguised as a female opera singer, fooling Doc until a sandbag falls on his foot. Champ quits show business after several concerts, but he’s conned into returning to the engagement when he accedes to Doc’s request to do at least one more concert. When Doc goes to hit Champ’s foot with the hammer, Champ beats him to it and hits Doc’s foot instead, sending the conniving cat hopping and yelling wildly onstage, much to the delight of the beatnik audience, and completely eclipsing Champ’s career as a way-out, corn-cracking nightclub entertainer. Like cool, man!