Charlie’s Mother-In-Law

Charlie Beary’s awakened bright and early by the honking of his fishing pal’s auto horn. Leaping into his fishing outfit, he kisses Bessie goodbye and runs smack into Bessie’s mother at the front door, over early to supervise the spring cleaning. Charlie retreats and runs to the back door, only to meet her there. He quickly tries a window, then a chimney, but mother-in-law is always there. He tries hiding in the broom closet, but he’s led out by the ear. He gets an inspiration and rolls his fishing tackle in the rug, but he gets caught before he can beat it. Resigned to his fate, he draws a likeness of her on the rug and really goes to work on the rug, raising a huge cloud of dust. Using it as a smokescreen, he almost makes it to the car, but he’s collared by mother-in-law wearing a gas mask. Disguised in Junior’s Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit and scooter, Charlie almost makes it, but he’s reeled back in with fishing tackle. Ordered to move the piano downstairs, Charlie loads his tackle into the piano, leaps inside, and takes off down the stairs, out the front door, through his pal’s car, and out onto the freeway. He weaves in and out of heavy traffic, causing complete havoc. Taking an off ramp, he sideswipes a traffic cop, bowls over a fire hydrant, and is finally stopped by the cop. The cop flips at Charlie’s fishing license, but he softens when mother-in-law shows up and starts telling him off. The cop sends Charlie on his way and reads the riot act to mother-in-law. Charlie and fishing pal wave goodbye as they drive away to a quiet day of fishing.