Chew-Chew Baby

For not paying his board and room rent, Woody is unceremoniously kicked out of Wally’s square boarding house, where you get four square meals a day. Woody is broke. He finds an ad in the newspaper: a millionaire is looking for his sweetie and is willing to pay a fortune for her- including four square meals a day. Woody has an idea. He dresses as “Clementine” to get food from Wally. Calling on Wally, Woody coyly leads him on while he eats his fill of Wally’s home-cooked food. The flirtation soon gets out of hand, Woody loses his wig, and the deception is discovered. Wally tries his best to eliminate Woody and rescue his food, but he’s foiled in each attempt. A big firecracker finally backfires on him, putting an end to his efforts.