Daffy-The Commando

Daffy is a commando who parachutes down into the German trenches to raise hell. Daffy bedevils the German commander, Von Vulture, and his sidekick, little helmet-with-two-feet Schultz, providing plenty of opportunities for anti-Nazi jokes along the way. After working his mischief, Daffy tries to escape in a plane, but is surrounded by “a mess of Messerschmidts” which shoot each other out of the sky after Daffy gets out of the way. Von Vulture blows Daffy’s plane to bits with a machine gun, and the commando is forced to flee on foot. He hides in a dark tunnel, which turns out to be the barrel of a long-range cannon. Daffy is shot out of it and lands in Berlin, where Adolf Hitler is shrilly haranguing a crowd. Daffy has the honor of clobbering the Fuhrer himself with a mallet.