Daffy Duck In Hollywood

The opening scene: the gate of Wonder Pictures (“If it’s a good picture, it’s a Wonder!”). Daffy bursts into the office of movie producer I.M. Stupendous and asks, “Do you need a good duck actor?” The producer phones his German director, Mark Hamburger, and tells him that the picture better be good, and it better be finished today, or else! But you know from the director’s beret, his German rolling R’s, his pencil-thin mustache and jodhpurs that there is no way this will happen. Daffy drenches everybody by plugging the sprinkler system into the lights, then loads machine-gun rounds into the hand-cranked camera, cuts in on a love scene with a Katharine Hepburn chicken, and appears in the director’s turkey lunch. When they all go to lunch, Daffy decides to give them a real feature, a crazy newsreel grouping of live-action shots, with narration that doesn’t match at all (including two seconds from Gold-Diggers of 1933). Daffy switches his film with the director’s when Hamburger is about to screen it for Stupendous. The producer loves it so much that in the next scene, Daffy is a director with rolling R’s… and Hamburger is heckling him.