The Daffy Doc

Medical mishaps run amok at Stitch in Time Hospital, whose motto is “As we sew, so shall ye rip!” (or is that RIP?) The eminent Dr. Quack, assisted by Dr. Daffy Duck, also a quack, is about to start a delicate operation in the operating room theatre. Dr. Quack tells Daffy that it must be so quiet. So Daffy displays several signs telling viewers to be quiet. How quiet? Dr. Quack informs Daffy that it must be so quiet… he can hear a pin drop! He proceeds to pick a pin out of his cap and drop it onto the floor! He then assists Dr. Quack by handing him the surgical tools… until he finally loses it and goes amuck! After going over and boxing the oxygen pump’s balloon, Dr. Quack takes Daffy by the neck and throws him out of the operating room…and he lands, with his head stuck, inside an artificial lung machine! He tries to get his head unstuck, but in doing so, he turns the machine on… with hysterical results! Once freed, Daffy goes into a monologue that he can’t let Dr. Quack get away with this, and he proceeds to make his point. Back in the operating room, we discover that Dr. Quack also didn’t fall far from the very same nutty tree. The spectators are stunned… but very briefly, when they then start to cheer the doctor and his moves! So there! Back to Daffy, who gets kicked out of the operation and needs to find a patient of his own. Unsuspecting pedestrian Porky Pig is Daffy’s unfortunate (and unwilling) patient/victim whom Daffy pulls off the street. Watch for the notorious iron lung gag!