The Great Piggy Bank Robbery

While reading his favorite comic book (Dick Tracy), Daffy accidentally knocks himself unconscious and dreams that he’s “Duck Twacy, famous detective,” trying to solve the case of the missing piggy banks. He even crosses paths with Sherlock Holmes! Porky Pig appears briefly (in a non-speaking cameo role) as a mustachioed trolley bus driver whose vehicle bears the prominent destination sign “To Gangster Hideout.” More “To Gangster Hideout” signs along the track helpfully point the way. Once there, he meets up with such grotesque criminals as Eighty-Eight Teeth, the man with piano keys for teeth; Neon Noodle, who is made entirely of neon light; Snake Eyes, the man with dice for eyes; Bat Man, a giant baseball bat with arms and legs; and Rubberhead, who stammers “I’m gonna rub you out!” before nearly erasing Daffy out of the cartoon. Daffy might be over his head facing this tremendous group of evil villains.