To Duck… or Not to Duck

While hunting, Elmer shoots Daffy out of the sky. Daffy pretends to be hit and falls to the ground. Daffy confronts Elmer and berates him for shooting a poor, helpless duck. Elmer then explains to the duck that he’s a “great sportsman.” Daffy ridicules him and maneuvers him into a “fair fight” in the boxing ring (with an all-duck audience) so that he can prove how tough he is without a gun. The duck referee pounds Elmer silly while demonstrating all the illegal moves that won’t be allowed during the match. Daffy then repeats the whole procedure, just to make sure that he’s got it straight. By the time the opening bell sounds, Elmer is already down for the count. As Daffy is being congratulated for his victory, however, the exasperated Elmer comes over and gives Daffy and the ref a whomping.