Tom Turk And Daffy

Daffy Duck is singing “Jingle Bells” and building a snowman when the hapless Tom Turk runs up and, in desperation, appeals to Daffy to help hide him from deadly Pilgrim Porky Pig, hunting with faithful musket for Thanksgiving dinner. Daffy obliges by stuffing the turkey inside the snowman. Porky comes by, and Daffy is resourcefully indecisive (“Here- no, no, too obvious. HERE! No, no…”). Porky describes the delicious meal he is going to have (in details) when he catches the turkey, and Daffy literally becomes a stool pigeon after drooling at the mouth over the too-tempting description of the menu. Daffy posts a dozen “He’s In There” signs around the snowman (“It was the candied yams that did it!” he sobs). Tom gets out and puts his tail feathers on Daffy, and Porky starts chasing him instead. Daffy uses snow in a variety of clever ways, including hammering Porky from inside a snowball. Daffy runs to Tom begging to be hidden, and Tom throws him into a tree and into the frozen lake.