Goose In The Rough

It’s spring! All the birds are nesting- that is, all but Goose Beary. She just sits, gazing longingly out the window at happy birds. A car horn and loud voice brings Charlie Beary to the window. It seems that Charlie and his friend Pete have a golf date. Charlie leaves his hatful of golf balls on a chair as he gets his clubs. Goose finds them and happily sits on them, mistaking them for goose eggs. When Charlie tries to retrieve them, he gets a good thrashing instead from the overprotective Goose. Lullaby music and slumber spray put Goose to sleep, and Charlie manages to wrest the balls from Goose. At that moment, Pete starts honking the horn for Charlie and awakens Goose, who gets the balls back. Charlie makes several more attempts to get the golf balls, but all of them fail. Goose retains possession. Sensing defeat, Charlie settles for one ball and takes off for the golf course with it. He tees up, but before he can drive, the ball hatches into a baby Goose, which promptly bites him on the nose. Charlie takes off the hill yelling, “Mad goose!” while we iris out on Pete, who says, “Well, he finally got his birdie.”