Guest Who?

There are monkeyshines galore in the Beary family when Junior brings home a chimp. Junior wins a dance contest at the Pepper Pot nightclub. His prize is a live monkey, which he names Bunky. On the way home, Junior warns Bunky to be quiet, and not to disturb his sleep. He hides his new friend in a closet, but Bunky escapes and promptly goes ape. Charlie and Bessie, Junior’s parents, are awakened when they hear the monkey raid the refrigerator, and they’re convinced that there’s a prowler in the house. Charlie grabs his gun and goes downstairs to investigate. In no time at all, Bunky dumps a carton of eggs on Bunky’s head, pushes him into the washing machine, and brings the chimney crashing down on him. Mrs. Beary also joins the fray, and thinking that her husband’s a prowler, she bashes him with a broom. Charlie’s now ready to kill the monkey, but Junior vows that he’ll make Bunky a member of the family if it’s the last thing he does. Junior dresses the monkey in infant’s clothing and sets him in a cradle on the Bearys’ front doorstep. Mrs. Beary thinks Bunky’s the cutest, most precious baby that she’s ever seen. Charlie recognizes the monkey, though, and he declares, “That monkey goes, or I go.” The final scene finds Bunky walking Charlie to the door and handing the dejected father his suitcase. The monkey gets in one last dig when he throws a banana peel under Charlie’s feet, and the elder Beary’s backside hits the pavement.